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 Shadu's GM/Event Manager Application

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PostSubject: Shadu's GM/Event Manager Application   Mon Apr 20, 2009 3:07 pm

Name: Caleb V.
Ingame Name: Soon to be Shadu
Age: 14
Country: USA (America)
Desired position: Head GM or an Event Manager,
Languages you speak: English, A little spanish.

Msn: (shadu1)

Have you been a GM/Dev before? if so, where? I've been a GM in pwnagegunZ. They changed it to Mystic GamerZ after it got hacked.

Do you know how to use Admin Pannel?Yesir.
Do you know how to create .ani files?No.
Do you know how to create .elu files?Yes.
Have you got Photoshop? Yes
Version? CS and CS3 ( on different computers)
Do you have nVidia DDS plug-ins? Yes.
Do you know how to unpack/pack a .mrs file?Yes
Do you know how to encrypt .mrs file? Yes
Do you know how to edit XML files? Yes

Can you create GunZ Maps? Not very good at it but yes.
Are you good at GTKRadiant? A little.
Experience with map lighting [light map]: Not much.
Do you create your own textures? No, I don't.
Mapping/textures Gallery URL: None.

3D Modeling Experience:A few months.
3D Modeling Softwares you use: GTKRadiant If it is one, and Blender if it is one also :O

Personality: I'm real nice, kind, and thoughtful. I can be hard if I want too. I don't like when people get on my nerves but I can handle it.
Do you speak English well?: Yes, sir I can.
Are you mature? : I am mature for my age.

Good things about yourself: Im cool I like to have fun, and game. 24/7 ! Well 15/7 maybe.
Bad things about yourself [Be Honest]: I don't like being disrespected, or being talked about :O Mostly like everyone else.

Do you know anything about database setup, MySQL server or WAMP: Yes, I've created a Fly For Fun server, also a Runescape one.
Do you have TeamViewer? Yes, But it expired
How do you give jjang: /jjang (persons name)
How do you give Hide: /hide
How do you change room Password: /changepassword
How do you become room master: Usually if your a GM and enter a room your automatically master, but /changemaster
How do you Disconnect:/admin_ban (person name)
How do you ban: /ban (Perons name ) - Unless you've edited the code.
Did I miss a code? Yes,
If Yes, Say them: /admin_wall, /admin_halt, /removejjang (persons name) hehe

Why do you want to apply for that position?:I want to be a GM because I know that I can. Also because I can ban hackers 1,2,3. Also I can make people respect the rules, and also have fun. I would like to be an Event Manager because I like to make events. I like to play in them also, Some events like HnS, Dodgeball, LmS, Kill the GM, Find the GM, and Some races.
Extra info we should know?:[list][*][center]
* This was a long application -_=
* I'm nice.
* I'll donate when server is on
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PostSubject: Re: Shadu's GM/Event Manager Application   Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:16 pm


Snake here. Avenged Sevenfold For Life! \,,/(>_
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Shadu's GM/Event Manager Application
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