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 [UberGM] Decide

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PostSubject: [UberGM] Decide   Tue Oct 04, 2011 4:40 pm

Whole Name: Minwoo Eric Kim
GunZ IGN: Decide
Playing Time: A lot when server is out
Age: 14
Country: North America, USA
Desired position: Uber GM
Languages you speak: English and Korean
Have you been staff previously, if so what client(s)?: Anime Gunz GM

E-mail: Wont let me post

[leave blank if you don't have]
Coding Languages you know:
Coding Experience:
Coding Softwares you use:

Graphic Designing Experience:
Designing Softwares you use:
Which version of Photoshop do you own?

Do you speak English well? very well
Communication ability: 90%

Why do you want to apply for GunZ Staff? I fell this server can become better with the help of some staff members who are active and are knowledgeable of the rules. I am very active in terms of both in game and on forums, im active in both so I can host events and make this server more enjoyable for all. I know u may still think of me as a new member of the community but I know the rules of the server and I plan to follow the rules word by word.
Anything else: I dont know if I meet all the requirements and I hope to join the staff team of this wonderful community. I will not look down on anyone if my application is denied. I will only work harder to earn the title as a staff member.
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[UberGM] Decide
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