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 Blood GunZ Rules

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Blood King

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PostSubject: Blood GunZ Rules   Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:27 am


In-Game Rules:
1) No Spamming [Penalty: 1 day Ban]
2) Keep Swearing to a minimum [Penalty: 1 day Ban]
3) Be respectful to other players and Staff [Penalty: 1 day Ban]
4) No sexual harassment [Penalty: 1 day Ban]
5) Do not beg the staff for things [Penalty: 1 day Ban]
6) No Swapping [Penalty: Account reset]
7) No hacking [Penalty: Permanent ban]
8} Cool Harassing players will not be tolerated [Penalty: 1 day Ban]
9) Do not argue with staff [Penalty: 1 day Ban]
10) Do not ego Its not nice to make people feel bad [Penalty: 1 day Ban]
11) No wall glitching [Penalty: 1 day Ban]
12) No glitching to give yourself an advantage over your opponent
More rules will be added if needed [Penalty: 1 day Ban]

Forum Rules:
1) Keep swearing to a minimum [Penalty: 1 day Ban]
2) No begging for position [Penalty: 1 day Ban]
3) No flaming [Penalty: 1 day Ban]
4) No Pornographic images or links [Penalty: 1 day Ban]
5) No religion trashing [Penalty: 1 day Ban]
6) No talk of drug use [Penalty: 1 day Ban]

More importantly, be nice and act friendly to other players please~ Enjoy the Sky~

My Sigs.

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Blood GunZ Rules
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